Capa-Dress Bellissima uni colored
Weare it as a dress, a blouse or skirt ...

You would like to have a dress that really fits your body in seconds. The feeling is like a second skin, like as it's made for you. It fits your body with an irresistible charm.
It also can be weared as a Cape, a blouse or skirt. You look female concealed in a very lovely and attractive way.
Wear the diffrent with your perfect appearance.

CapaDonna's "Bellissima" is a dream that comes true.

Every creation is handmade espacially for you. If you want the back lengh little longer just let me know by e-mail.

Material: finest jersey 95 % Viskose, 5 % Elastan
Cleaning: 30 Grad fine washing, no dryer

Bellissima ... all in one
The unique body shaping garment with the magical transformation options.

Chance in a few seconds in:
- a cape
- a blouse
- a dress (3 versions)
- a skirt
Choose your color and special designs in fantastic flowing comfortable fibre.

Even for your sauna and swimming pool visits, Bellissima is perfect.

Capa-Dress Bellissima uni colored CapaDonna/CapaDonna/Capa-Dress Bellissima uni colored productsCapaDonna/CapaDonna/Capa-Dress Bellissima uni colored products

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