Capa-dress Bellissima mixed colors
If you like patterned colors are this Bellissima creations the right for you. It gives this special intense aura.
It wears wonderfully cuddly on the body like a second skin, is elegant, attractive and gives you that special look. The perfect multifunctional, al little luggage-dress for holidays, summer, freetime perfekt for you hand bag. It can weared as dress, cape, blouse or skirt. Create again a new own look and present you with an irresistible charm. Show yourself from your most attractive side.

Here you can see by clicking on the individual models for creativity stimulation also wearing styles.

Your Order includes a detailed wearing instructions. If you want it a bit longer, just let me know.

Material: Jersey
The back long is about 70 cm.
Each creation is handwork for you personally.

Capa-dress Bellissima mixed colors CapaDonna/CapaDonna/Capa-dress Bellissima mixed colors productsCapaDonna/CapaDonna/Capa-dress Bellissima mixed colors products