The hand warmer "The slim line" are useful accessories. The perfect accessory for the cuddle-Capa and skirt. To extend the sleeves of your shell in an attractive way, while they are warming in a pleasant way.
Make your mark. Give your upper parts of the particular fullness. Tasteful and attractive appearance.
In various lengths and designs.

Material: 100% wool / Walkloden in great colors
Find out your individuality. See and feel comfortable.

If you would like to order and you don´t live in Germany is no problem. Please write your order in a mail and I check for you the the shipping costs.

Choose you favorite color maybe appropriate to a cuddle-capa or a cuddle-skirt. Take the color and let me know.

For example with 3 black lines:
15 Euro
plus 3 Euro shipping

Please let me know your hand size: XS, S, M, L, XL and what kind auf fibre do you would like (watch here to the wool skirts)